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A kitchen is the most integral part of any house. It’s that part of a house where lies the health and well-being of every house member, it’s the hub of an Indian home. So, when we give our modular kitchen designs, we have to be really thoughtful and innovative with our ideas. When we present our modular kitchen designs, we are aware of the fact that there are lot of factors and elements that are needed to be considered. Many interior companies in Mumbai will quote you skyrocketing prices that’ll certainly give you a modular kitchen but won’t do justice to the amount you spend.

Whereas, we try to ensure more visible results at minimum prices. Aspects like kitchen flooring, modular kitchen fittings, modular kitchen cabinets and countertops can cost you a bomb. You need to be concrete with the amount you want to spend on a modular kitchen design. If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, you can always retain your kitchen design and just replace your modular kitchen accessories, cabinet and other fittings.

Design fundamentals you need to look for best modular kitchen.


Modular kitchen designs come in several shapes viz. L-shaped design, Parallel design, Island designs, U-shaped design and many more. You need to have a good idea in your head about the new look of your kitchen. So that our modular kitchen designs matched with your ideas can create a beautiful by-product. .

Kitchen Flooring

In your modular kitchen design, choose your floor style carefully. Durability, cleaning and appearance is important when choosing your floor material. Ceramic tiles or marble is easy to clean and even looks good if done rightly. Wooden floor is other choice but maintenance is a challenge. o.

Kitchen Platform:

It's essential to choose a strong, sturdy and an easy-to-clean kitchen platform because it takes all the heat of the meals you prepare here. An attractive Indian modular kitchen is the one that has an attractive kitchen platform with the look as well as the firmness.



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