5 Reasons Why You Must Buy A Sofa Cum Bed for Your Home

Reasons Why You Must Buy A Sofa Cum Bed for Your Home

 Admit it! Buying an affordable and spacious home is quite difficult. But you can always get rid of space crunch with smart furniture. Although we know how important beds are, we cannot ignore the fact of how excess space they occupy. And this is when sofa cum bed enters. Sofa cum beds are a beautiful amalgamation of elegance and function. The well-utilised home furniture sits in the corner the entire day and transforms into a cosy bed at night. This piece of furniture not just saves space but are light on the pocket too. Whether you love the contemporary style or western, a sofa cum bed fits every style.  

Here’s a quick look at the benefits of sofa cum bed:

Saves space

As obvious it may sound, we cannot emphasise more on pieces of furniture that save space. Especially if you live in metropolitan cities like Mumbai. Designing such spaces is a challenge for interior designers. But sofa cum bed makes the task simpler with fewer footprints and more functionality.

Comes with storage options

No matter how expensive and lavish sofa you get, it does not come with additional storage sections. While sofa cum beds are not just cost-effective but also have space under the mattress that works as a storage section. You may use the section to store stuff like pillows, bed sheets etc.


A sofa cum bed is not just adds a glam quotient to your home but also saves a lot of your money. You do not need to invest on multiple furniture, home decor and storage shelves.

Makeshift bed for guests

Most urban apartments are compact and hardly provide extra space for guests to accommodate. In such cases, sofa cum bed comes handy, wherein you can use it as a sofa when there are no guests and transform it into a bed when guests come over.

Looks trendy

This piece of furniture not only has multi-utility features but also looks trendy and stylish. Sofa cum bed comes in numerous sizes, styles, types, textures and design and you may choose the one that suits your requirements.

 Types of sofa cum bed

From the traditional ones to futons, sofa cum beds are available in a wide range. Each differs based on the configuration, sitting surface, and mattresses. If you are finding it tough to choose the best one for your home, here’s our quick guide.


This is the most basic type of sofa cum beds and is available in metal as well as wood. To use it as a sofa, you just need to fold it and the mattress automatically turns into a back and seat.

Standard foldouts

In this type, a spring is installed on each side of the sofa that helps to secure the mattress. You may choose the foam as per your requirements. Standard foldouts are available in different styles and quality, you may choose the best one as per your comfort and budget.

Pull-out pop-ups

In this type of sofa cum beds, you just need to pull out themattress from under the sofa. Once you pull out the mattress, you may use it either as a twin bed or pop up the lower mattress and create a huge bed.

Things to consider

·      As mentioned, there are different types of sofa cum beds, based on the size, mattress, shape etc. Choose the best                 suitable as per your space, decor, and budget.

·      A mattress is another important factor you need to consider. Always buy mattresses that are thick and comfortable.

·      Always buy sofa cum beds that are heavier and sturdy. Heavy sofa cum beds are reliable and durable. If your lifestyle           demands relocating often, then you may consider buying sofa cum beds that are light weight.



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