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Benchmark Interior Designers In Mumbai : The Best Interior Designers!

Who would like to visit an office or come back home to mundane interior spaces? Definitely not you, right? If your office or home looks lifeless you are surely missing out on a lot of things we must say. It’s high time you get in touch with an interior designer and revamp your abode. What say? Sounds like a plan? Well, you do not need to go hither-tither and look for interior designer. Benchmark Interiors, are at your service. Benchmark Interior Designers in Mumbai are one of the best interior designers in Mumbai who will help you to give your home or office a face-lift according to your whims and fancies.

Benchmark Interior Designers in Mumbai uses their collective expertise of highly-skilled interior designers, architects, project managers, contractors and supervisors that works round the clock to transform their client’s dream into a reality. When we say this, we literally mean ‘better than the client’s imagination’. The brainchild of Dhiraj Gada and Hardik Gada, Benchmark Interiors is a firm that works with a strong belief that designs should be completely bespoke. The team at Benchmark Interior Designer services are well-versed and highly skilled in building residential as well as commercial and hospitality spaces. Benchmark Interiors in Mumbai encompass an array of interior designing services that are professional in nature. The team ensures, that every client receives the best service as per their requirements and brand’s feel.

So, if you are looking for best interior designers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, or Thane, Benchmark Interiors is your go-to!

How Do Benchmark Interiors work?

Planning and Designing

Planning and approval are the initial phases of interior designing of any space, be it residential or commercial. In this phase, the professional team notes down the client’s requirements and works on it to bring the client’s dream project into reality.

In this phase, the interior designers and team work on the location, space, purpose and nature of the project, taking into consideration the client’s requirement based on their needs, style preferences, and more. This is followed by a brainstorming session, wherein the expert team works on the visualisation, problem-solving capabilities and finalising workable ideas. Later on, the best interior designers at Benchmark Interiors visit the space that needs to be revamped and present concepts that best suits the space. The client is given the complete freedom to add in their ideas and plans.


Once, after a few rounds of sessions and discussions when the clients and team are on the same page, then begins the important task of designing and curating. It is the crucial stage wherein the designers create detailed layouts by specifying products, materials and finishes, expenditure, colours schemes, floor plans, furniture, lighting, decor and a lot more. Clients may also refer the extensive catalogue of Benchmark Interiors to get cues for designs and decors.

Once the layouts and design are finalised, overall expenditure and terms of an agreement are shared with the clients for approval. When it comes to cost, we must mention the fact that Benchmark Interiors in Mumbai is one of the best interior designers in Mumbai that presents the budget-friendly cost of the project. The budget includes everything from labour charges to materials charges, and from decor to professional fees.

Benchmark Interiors are one of the best interior designers in Mumbai that works on a budget without compromising on the quality of the work and outputs.

Benchmark Interiors are open for suggestions and share and discuss every single detail until the client is satisfied. Once the designs are finalised and with approval of clients, the team begin their on-site work.

Execution and Delivery

After rounds of feedback from clients and once the design is finalised, the team at Benchmark Interiors implement the design on-site to make every client’s dream come true.

In this implementation and execution phase, the team works on executing the plan taking into consideration every requirement of clients. To make sure the quality of the work is not compromised, a project manager is appointed on-site who reports to the designer and client, and shares development of the interior work, suggestions and feedback, for a smooth execution process.

In the implementation and execution phase, the firm makes sure that the decor and other materials required for the project are delivered as per the standard quality and correct specifications. The project manager inspects the quality of the work, resolves on-site issues, follow schedules and manage budgets.

Being one of the best interior designers in Mumbai, Benchmark Interiors do not compromise on quality. Once the interior work is completed as per the client’s requirements, a post-occupancy evaluation is conducted to check the quality and if the project is delivered as per the client’s requirements. In this process, a detailed session is organised with the client and revisions and adjustments are made if required.

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Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai

Living room Interior Andheri 2 BHK - 2

Designing a residential area is quite a challenge. Even though the architect builds the house, it is the designer’s task to make it a home. When designing a residential area, the designer makes sure that the space is comfortable, liveable and not overloaded with aesthetics. A home is a place where you relax and chill after a long tiring day and the interior of your home must give you that feel. Let’s begin with the kitchen, the integral part of your home. It is right to say, a kitchen is a place where lies the health and well-being of every family member. While designing a kitchen area, Benchmark Interiors are really thoughtful and innovative with the ideas. Taking into consideration the accessories and decor of a kitchen, residential interiors definitely burn a hole in your pocket. But Benchmark Interiors ensures you get more visible results at nominal costs. When we say it won’t cost you a bomb, it definitely does not mean the designers will compromise on the style and layout. When it comes to kitchen style, flooring and accessories you have tons of option to choose from. For instance, the modular kitchen comes in an array of shapes and designs such as parallel design, L-shaped design, U-shaped design etc. While flooring can be of wooden, ceramic etc.

The living room is a room when you talk, chill, and share moments of love and laughter with your family members. It is a room that can be designed in an infinite way. Benchmark Interiors makes sure that the designing is done in a way that it is cordial, elegant and suits the personality of each member of the family. So, before you get that funky furniture or cool plants, make sure to consider getting in touch with the interior designers at Benchmark Interiors who will help to make your living room a liveable space. The firm has few of the best interior designers in India who takes into consideration several key factors such as the shape and size of your living room, the accessories and home decor, flooring and more, before finalising any design.

A bedroom is a place where you unwind after a hectic day and it has to be warm and cosy. Taking into consideration, the time most of us spend on the internet, we are more likely to get attracted to the Instagram-worthy bedrooms that have chic interiors and modern bed designs. Well, when we say ‘bedroom’ it must be able to give you a good night’s sleep. Being an interior design company, Benchmark Interiors helps customers with latest interior bedroom styles accompanied by furniture, flooring and other accessories, without compromising on the health and well-being of the client. The interior designing firm makes sure that their clients enjoy the comfort and cosiness in their bedroom. Whether you are looking for a traditional design or a luxury interior design, the interior designers at Benchmark Interiors have designs to suit every client’s need.

Not just the kitchen, living room and dining area, the residential interior design services offered by Benchmark Interiors include bedroom design, bathroom design, kid room design, gymnasium, balcony design, terrace design, and more. Whether you reside in an apartment, villa or bungalow, Benchmark Interiors are one of the best interior designing services in Mumbai that offer contemporary, modern as well as traditional designs based on client’s requirements. So, if you are looking for residential interior designers in Mumbai, Benchmark Interiors is your go-to!

Office Interior Designers in Mumbai

Office Interior Designers in Mumbai

Office space or a place of work must be a place where you calm your mind and let the creative juices flow. A boring and pale looking office space can never help employees focus on their work. Don’t you think an office space must stimulate a sense of motivation and productivity? Well, thanks to the commercial interior designers at Benchmark Interiors, who transform your workplace leading to better business performance. Our team of office interior designers successfully completed commercial revamp and interior designs of offices in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. The team that comprises of the best interior designers in India is well-equipped with the expertise that may design your workspace in the best possible way.

Whether you are a digital marketing agency who loves to have colourful and lively vibes with funky decor or a law firm that prefers going monochrome, Benchmark Interiors caters to every firm’s need. Some of the important elements that an interior designer considers while designing an office space includes ambience, colours, flooring, accessories, furniture and more.

Modern issues require a modern solution. Taking into consideration the current pandemic situation wherein most employees are asked to work from home. A work from home set-up has become a need. When we say, a work from home set-up it not just includes a comfortable chair and table but numerous other factors such as lighting, appropriate accessories, electricity switches, good internet service etc. Being one of the best interior designing company in Mumbai, Benchmark Interiors makes sure you work in your home office comfortably without facing any hindrance.

Hospitality Interior Designers in Mumbai

Hospitality Interior Designers in Mumbai

‘The first impression is the last impression’ and we cannot agree more when it comes to hospitality spaces. The interior designers at Benchmark Interiors make sure that the interior decor of the space is functional, attractive and beneficial at the same time. The experienced architects and interior designers at the Benchmark Interiors provide an extraordinary guest experience with the help of minute design detail. From choosing the right floor plan to the colour of the walls, and from choosing the best style of furniture to right provocative decorative accents, designing a hospitality space covers an array of task and duties. The top interior design at the hospitality space provides not just a feeling of calm and comfort but are also upbeat and cheerful.

Other services offered by Benchmark Interiors:

Civil Contractors in Mumbai

Civil contractor in mumbai

Not just interior designing, Benchmark Interiors have carved a niche in civil contracting as well. Over the last few years, the leading interior designing firm has rightfully earned its name as one of the best civil contractors in Mumbai.

Not just construction, Benchmark Interiors are one of the best renovation contractors in Mumbai, thanks to the kind of projects it has undertaken and successfully delivered in the past. Well, renovation is an important part of every construction, be it residential or commercial. Most renovation projects are because of the wear and tear of the property due to factors such as climatic conditions, disaster etc. While some of the projects go under renovation owing to aesthetic factors or the owner’s belief in Vastu principles. Whatever the client’s requirement is, Benchmark Interiors are always at your service.

Benchmark Interiors also specialises in painting, plumbing, waterproofing, flooring, partition and electric cabling.

Some of our recent civil work projects that are worth a mention include The Capital, BKC (Wadhwa Group), Rajal (Nisarg Group), Exotica (Vashwani Group), Satra Park (Satra Developers), Color Discovery (Gold Star Realtors), etc.

Being one of the leading interior designing firms in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane, Benchmark Interiors is a one-stop solution for all your designing as well as construction needs. The services provided by the interior designing firm is of high quality without burning a hole in the client’s pocket. Whether you are looking for an interior designer or a civil or renovation contractor, Benchmark Interiors provides innovative design solutions delivering high-quality projects within the given deadline.

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